Would you live where someone was murdered?

by John Tenpenny23 Sep 2015
Who would want to live in a home where a murder took place? Not everyone. But every buyer and their agent should take steps to ensure they know everything about the property they’re looking at.

If a real estate agent knows about a crime having been committed in the home, they are obligated to disclose this under their Code of Ethics as a material fact. The problem is if the agent doesn’t know about it, there is nothing to disclose.

Unless you ask a seller point blank, you are unlikely to find out whether their home was the scene of a murder, suicide, grow operation, or if there’s been water damage or flooding.

That’s why many experts recommend that buyers insert a clause into any agreement stating that the seller is unaware of any issues relating to murder, suicide, grow-ops or insurance claims about their property. 

After that, it’s a matter of deciding what buyers are comfortable investing in.

“That’s part of the fun part of buying a house: just like people, they all have a history,” Loretta Sernowski, a Saskatchewan broker told Global News. “It’s very personal. It doesn’t bother some people at all. In fact, they feel like they might be able to get establish a better purchase price.”

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