Your say: Do office visits matter?

by REP19 Jan 2015
The frequency with which you visit your brokerage office is irrelevant – that’s the message coming out of the results of the latest REP poll.
“I go to the office once a month to pick up mail or cheques,” writes an agent called George in the REP forum. “All contact with the office is electronic, including deals. I have worked out of my home since the early 80's and have the equipment and software to run my business, produce feature sheets, advertising, etc. I also have my trusty BlackBerry so I'm never far from clients.”
A slight majority of agents – some 38 per cent – agree, claiming to enter the office once a week at most. Another 20 per cent of poll respondents enter the office just two or three times per week.
However, 20 per cent of respondents said they go into the physical brokerage four or five times per week, while an additional 20 per cent claimed to go into the office more than five times per week.
“I think it depends on the agent,” says Catherine Fox, a Royal LePage broker/manager in Ontario. “I know that many agents need the structured environment to function best, especially if they have a young family at home, which leads to endless distractions from their work. It has also been quite noticeable that many agents that go to a work from home program suffer a severe drop in focus and income. I call it ‘Getting lost in the laundry!’”
If these poll results – our closest yet – prove anything, it’s that each agent knows how to best serve his or her clients, whether that’s working from home, going to a physical office, or driving around the city making house calls.
“Success in this business is service,” George writes, “and I can do that better out of the office.”
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