You’re never too big to learn from your broker

by Olivia D'Orazio19 Mar 2015
No agent is an island, and office meetings can help build the community support that enables businesses to flourish, experts say.

“It’s about being engaged in the brokerage and being engaged in each other’s business,” says Pam Cherington, broker at Red Door Realty in Halifax. “It’s important to feel the energy and actually get together.”

That community spirit can help young agents learn the ropes in real estate, while older agents can benefit from a new perspective on the industry.

“When you talk to people in the business, it’s a great way to gain extra knowledge,” says Mark McLean, a broker with Bosley Real Estate in Toronto who blogs about his meetings at “It’s group therapy for Realtors … a really great opportunity for agents to work through issues they’re having.”

Still, not all sales reps immediately see the value in an office meeting. Cherington says she struggles with getting her agents to attend – a lack of interest that she understands.

“When I was a Realtor, [attending office meetings] was a hassle,” she says. “You don’t want to go, but once you did you’re glad you went.”

To combat that indifference toward meetings, broker Shannon Unger says she lets her enthusiasm for the work to the heavy lifting.

“[The meetings] are about encouraging people to work together in a teamwork environment,” says the Re/Max broker from North Bay, Ont. “I bought into it right away. So when they see the broker [getting excited about the meetings] it’s easier for them to adopt that attitude. I think it’s top down.”

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