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How COVID-19 changed real estate forever

“Real estate is honestly a person-to-person business and agents had to rely more on tools they weren’t using before," said Scott MacPherson, VP of professional development at Right at Home Realty in Toronto.

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Social media marketing for real estate agents

One of the best ways to receive quality leads as a real estate agent is by enhancing your social media presence and having an effective social media marketing strategy in play. Here's where you can start.

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A real estate marketing agency can better your business

If you're looking for ways to expand your portfolio and attract more quality leads as a real estate professional, then you need to invest in a marketing agency that specializes in real estate marketing. Here's why.

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MPAC hosting realtor event on June 22

MPAC will be hosting Leading Market Intelligence for Today’s Realtor on June 22 from 9:30-noon. The event will feature Jason Mercer, Shaun Cathcart, and MPAC own Greg Martino.

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June 11-13 conference teaches agents how to be top-10 in their city

Are you a real estate agent looking to improve your marketing tactics? Learn more during this virtual conference hosted by Craig Proctor from June 11-13.

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The best place to buy a rental property in Canada: 2021

You want the biggest bang for your buck so here are the best places in Canada to buy a rental property, and the best types of properties (including vacation homes!).

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