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by Neil Sharma06 Dec 2017
It’s no secret that there’s money to be made on Canadian real estate, and a lot of landholders with no development experience have found their builder for hire.

Dundee 360 Real Estate Corporation has quietly gone about developing quality real estate projects throughout Canada, including two in Montreal and one in Vancouver that’s believed will help revitalize a muted section of its downtown.

Additionally, Dundee 360 is capitalizing on the expanse of land in Collingwood, Ontario, to build a 1,200-unit resort-like community.

While the company is certainly not new, it’s flown under the radar these last few years and quietly developed large-scale projects, like 18 luxury units in Montreal’s Four Seasons Hotel, and now it’s having a coming out party of sorts.

“We’d gone into hibernation for period of time to sort out projects we were working on and refocus the company on luxury real estate in Canada,” said Brad Henderson, Dundee’s President and CEO. “We’re a purpose-built development group for hire; a series of professionals who can help people, particularly in the luxury real estate residential hotel and/or resort sector, to develop a property from concept to completion. We recognize more and more that people have property and want to develop it further but don’t have the in-house capability to do it.”

Dundee 360 owns the Canadian franchise rights to Sotheby’s International Realty and has offices in Toronto and Montreal. Its work on Parq Vancouver, located right next to the Rogers Centre, is helping revitalize a somewhat sedate part of the city’s downtown.

It was at Parq that Dundee jumped in and accelerated the project’s development, also helping it meet LEED Gold certification—no small feat, considering Parq, at 700,000 square feet, sprawls.

“A lot of investors or entrepreneurs have real estate whose best use has changed over time,” continued Henderson. “Rather than just sell to a traditional developer, some of those individuals are interested in seeing what they can do themselves to improve the value of the property, so that will require somebody who has the expertise, much of which is already included in-house in some of the major real estate development companies, and that’s the kind of expertise we can provide.”

While tight-lipped, Henderson admitted Dundee 360 will soon launch a couple of projects in Canada’s largest city.

“We’re tracking a number of projects and working on proposals, but we hope within six months we can announce a few more,” said Henderson. “There will be two in Toronto, one up north in Collingwood and one in Quebec.”

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