Unique team culture impels success

by Neil Sharma07 Nov 2018

The key to running a successful team is developing a culture wherein attributes aren’t just acknowledged, they’re celebrated.

Shannon McCaffrey, broker of record for Re/Max Finest Realty - The Mccaffrey Team Brokerage, has built a unique culture predicated on positivity and synergy in an effort to collectively achieve the team’s goals.

The 11-member team is encouraged to build upon what they do best, while McCaffrey delegates their shortcomings onto other team members who excel at the task in question. Asked how she keeps her team engaged, McCaffrey said:

“Compensation is important—you have to compensate your staff well, but you also want to stay profitable. People don’t always stay because of the money but it’s also because of the culture you create. Money is important, however, everything we try to do is win-win. Every day I analyze and ask myself, ‘Is this a win for them and a win for me?’ If you operate with that mentality, you’re going to continue having success.”

The McCaffrey Team Brokerage is, indeed, successful. In 2017, it grossed $1.5 million in the Kingston and Napanee areas, with McCaffrey bringing in about $1m of those profits. This year, in a market slowed by new mortgage rules and rising interest rates, the team is on pace to match last year’s revenue, if not surpass it.

Another unique facet of The McCaffrey Team Brokerage is its emphasis on personality. It’s one reason the exclusive team is difficult to get hired into, however, it’s also why the turnover rate is extremely low.

“We’re a drama-free zone,” said McCaffrey. “The minute they’re hired, they’re told that’s not acceptable. It’s okay if they want to complain every once in a while, but they ultimately have to be solution-driven, not problem-driven. We keep a happy mindset, and the team knows we’re going to boost them up. We empower and elevate our staff.”

One way closeness is fostered among team members is through Facebook messenger, where they’re encouraged to share funny videos and even send each other GIFs.

“It has been essential for us to build relationships with each other. We send GIFs every day or funny things we’ve seen on YouTube. That’s important because you need to have a channel where it isn’t just business, but it’s also fun. The other part of that is we’re very careful with who we hire. We do a lot of personality testing before putting them into roles to make sure they’re in a role they love. If they’re doing a portion of their job that they hate, we find a way to delegate it off to somebody else for whom it will work.”

One team member tasked with paperwork wasn’t particularly fond of performing that job, and McCaffrey took the time to train her into an exceptional saleswoman.

“This is why I’m so committed to hiring talent. I can train techniques but not personality.”


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