Robert S. Greenberg
Mississauga, ON
  • Top 20 team for volume, average DOM and average sale price
Robert Greenberg’s Harvey Kalles team has been occupying the upper echelon of the Toronto market for over ten years. The four-man crew sells a house every 1.78 days – 51% faster than their competitors – and moved over $300 million worth of real estate last year. “We play to win,” says Greenberg. “We don’t play for second place.”

Greenberg attributes his team’s success to three main factors, key among them being an intense focus on marketing. “I don’t think anybody competes against us with respect to marketing,” he says. Greenberg says the team’s marketing efforts, which run the gamut from bus stop ads to national publications seen by tens of thousands, cost the team over $800,000 a year, but the payoff is abundantly clear. Firm believers in the power of open houses, the Greenberg team often runs theirs twice as long – and attracts seven times the number of visitors — as their competitors. Most importantly, Greenberg ensures his team provides clients consistent, dedicated support regardless of a property’s price tag. “Every house we get gets the same service – same marketing, same ads, same attention. They’re all treated equally” he says.
Company Information
  • Company Harvey Kalles Real Estate
  • Head Office 2145 Avenue Road, Toronto on M5M 4B2
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