Kathleen Black, Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting

Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting
Oshawa, ON

With a decade of experience in supercharging the performance of both agents and teams, Kathleen Black has established herself as one of Canada’s top real estate coaches, landing on T3 Sixty’s Emerging Leaders list for 2018. But improving a Realtor’s bottom line is only half the story for Black – she also wants to help agents enjoy their lives. “You are not winning if you reach your sales targets but constantly burn out,” she says. “Burning out in order to succeed and be all things to all people – that model has passed its time.”

In the coaching industry, the most recognizable thought leaders continue to be men. That has forced Black to be aggressive and refuse to take a back seat when leading her business. “If you have to be 10 times or 200 times better than the competition to get your chance, so be it,” she says. “Get on with being 200% better. You will only benefit in the end.”

Black has spent her career doing things her own way, which she believes is the only way to truly succeed. “You cannot take shortcuts to a legacy business,” she says. “Stand up for your principles and your clients, and do what you think is fair and right.”

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