Marg Sebzda – Canada ICI Capital Corporation

Edmonton, AB

A committed, compassionate fixture in the Canadian mortgage space, not to mention one of the only women to have attained a senior director position in the industry, Marg Sebzda is a tenured company leader who has been integral in some of Canada ICI Capital’s most celebrated projects. In addition to funding over $4 billion in commercial mortgage transactions, Sebzda has also established herself over the past 22 years as a respected mentor for her fellow mortgage professionals. “I believe in empowering and advocating for people, especially women, in growing themselves, professionally and personally,” she says.

Because of commercial real estate’s highly commissioned nature, Sebzda says the sector struggles to attract women, something she would like to see altered. “Company recruitment efforts need to ensure they are uncovering female talent in their search activities,” she says, “and the industry needs to take a concerted effort in increasing its career profile to women.