Mark McLean

Mark McLean

Mark McLean wears many hats – from manager and creative director at Bosley Real Estate in Toronto to newly appointed president of the Toronto Real Estate Board – but his ability to juggle those roles lies squarely in his undying passion for the real estate industry. In 2014, he grew his Bosley team to more than 60 agents, becoming one of the largest agencies in Toronto’s downtown core. Under his guidance, that team did 43% more business last year than in 2013. Now, he’s ready to bring the same drive to TREB. “For me, it’s looking at the industry from 50,000 feet – looking at where it’s going and being a part of that,” he says.
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  • Company Bosely Real Estate
  • Head Office 1108 Queen St West. Toronto. Ontario. M6J 1H9
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