John Mayberry
Calgary, AB

In 2015, their first full year of operation, the Calgary Homeboys sold over 80 properties – not bad for a team operating in a city where sales are plummeting. The team is on pace to have an even stronger year in 2016, and is currently CIR’s top producer. Team leader John Mayberry says that leveraging his sales associates’ innate competitiveness has been key to spurring them on to greater success. 

His agents are ranked based on closed deals and are able to view each other’s performance at any time. “If you’re in any way competitive, it definitely lights a fire under you,” Mayberry says. His team also carries on a running WhatsApp group chat, where they can post their sales and give each other virtual high-fives. “If you’re seeing your buddies doing all the sales,” Mayberry says, “it drives you to get out there and hit the pavement.”