Lino Achille Arci
Toronto, ON

A big part of Lino and Italia Arci’s approach to running their team is keeping their agents inspired. Momentum is critical in real estate, so maximizing their team’s focus and mental energy has become an ongoing challenge for the Arcis. They have enlisted some of the world’s best known life coaches and business gurus, including Tony Robbins, and look at selling or buying a house as their way of changing people’s lives. This philosophy imbues each transaction with a greater sense of urgency, significance and satisfaction for all involved.

In addition to constant coaching and communication, the Arcis have also started a book club for their agents, in which they explore aspirational literature together. (Their most recent selection was Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.) The book club not only exposes team members to transformational ideas, it also brings them together as both colleagues and individuals. Italia Arci says the team reads “hundreds of books” a year and that the process has been “a transformational occurrence for the team.”