Sam Allan McDadi
Mississauga, ON
  • Top 20 team for volume and units sold 
Sam McDadi Real Estate is a towering presence in the Toronto market. The company sold over $600 million in 2015 and, having sold over $400 million in the first six months of 2016, are looking at possibly selling $800 million this year. “A few years ago,” says McDadi, “I wouldn’t have thought that was attainable, but we’re growing in leaps and bounds.”

When asked what his 35-person team is doing to drive that growth, McDadi says there’s no single answer. “I think it’s probably a bit of everything,” he says. Morale plays a big part, with annual staff getaways and bonding activities helping melt away the stress of the job. The team also speaks 25 different languages, a dedication to multiculturalism that translates into a wider customer base.

McDadi’s team is also famous for its full-time service providers – stagers, marketers, an inspector among others. “We’re not just trying to have that available. You want to be the best and provide the best possible service in each of those components.”

While a number of teams are now offering similar services, McDadi was doing so over a decade ago. “We’re always trying to think one step ahead,” he says. One of his team’s newest successful innovations has been partnering up with Ritchies Auctioneers to auction off high-end properties that have been too long on the market. McDadi was able to move two of the three homes placed on the auction block and his team now has another unique service in its arsenal.

“We’re well-armed to be able to provide the best possible value-added service for our clients,” says McDadi, “and I think that’s what’s helped propel our business year after year.”