Jordan Boyes, Boyes Group Real Estate

When a market slows, there tends to be a flight to quality. No surprise, then, that Saskatoon-based buyers have been flocking to Jordan Boyes. In a market like Saskatoon’s, Boyes says the key is “to just work harder than we’re used to, to be more on top of service and to set your clients expectations upfront.” Boyes’ efforts led Boyes Group Real Estate to a record year in 2018; the company also landed two of the largest developments to ever hit the city.

Despite being in a position where coasting might be possible, Boyes is still an unstoppable workaholic. In his opinion, all the tech and social media savvy in the world will never replace the effects of old fashioned hard work. “If you’re working eight hours every day and I’m working 16, I’ll be twice as far ahead of you come year end. It’s a simple concept, but people don’t grasp it.”