65. Hannah Behelak, Keller Williams Urbain

Keller Williams Urbain
Montreal, QC

In real estate, Hanna Behelak has found her ideal career – a way to combine her passion for helping others and her fascination with architecture and interior design. When she started selling four years ago, Behelak thought completing a few deals a year would be a “huge accomplishment”; in 2017, she was Keller Williams’ number-three agent for units sold in all of Canada.

Behelak chalks that recent success up to a shift in mentality. “My first years in real estate were successful, but they lacked the structure to take on more business,” she says. “The change I made last year was to create more structure by defining my goals for the year and making sure I had a clear path to follow in order to achieve those goals. This improved things for me, as it helped me double my sales volume from the previous year.”

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