Phil Spoelstra, RE/MAX Centre City Phil Spoelstra Realty

London, ON
Age: 34

In addition to the autonomy and financial rewards that come along with being an agent, there’s an additional benefit Phil Spoelstra has come to love: competition. “The competition in real estate is stiff and always changing,” he says, “which helps maintain the excitement and keeps you in a slightly uncomfortable state at all times, forcing you to grow and adapt.”

Spoelstra’s RE/MAX Centre City franchise, which specializes in selling farm land, was cleverly structured to maximize its potential. By partnering with a Realtor in his 50s, Spoelstra has been able to target the two most significant generations in his marketplace: baby boomers and millennials. “There are a lot of farm operations going through a transition in ownership from one generation to the next,” he says. “We each represent one of these generations, which allows us to better relate to our clients.”

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  • Company RE/MAX Centre City Phil Spoelstra Realty
  • Head Office 675 Adelaide St N / 34 Grandview Cr London, ON, Canada
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