Rob Longo, Magic Realty

Sarnia, ON
Age: 29

You don’t last eight years in a brutal industry without possessing certain qualities. For Magic Realty’s Rob Longo, the key to survival has been patience. “You cannot have the expectation that you will instantly become a top Realtor overnight,” he says. “It takes consistent effort over many years to achieve the kind of success that we see others in our business achieving.”

Since breaking into real estate at 22, Longo has paid close attention to the habits of his more experienced colleagues. He says one common trait they share is a continual search for knowledge. “These people were all choosing to read books and attend training after spending decades at the top of their industry,” he says. “If they’re still willing to learn, then it’s something we should all strive for.”

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  • Company Magic Realty
  • Head Office 805 Christina Street North Sarnia, Ontario N7V 1X6
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