Stephanie Tripp, RE/Max Preferred Realty

Windsor, ON
Age: 27

Stephanie Tripp has only been a Realtor for two years, but she’s already made a big impact on the Windsor market, using her background as a property investor to help scores of clients bolster their own portfolios. It hasn’t been easy, though: Tripp says investment clients, protective of their bottom lines, can be reluctant to deal with a younger agent.

“Keeping up-to-date and knowledgeable in my area of expertise has been the most effective way for me to overcome new clients questioning my ability to adequately represent their best interests,” she says. “I ensure that all my clients, many of whom are not very familiar with Windsor, are up-to-date on the most desirable locations to invest and what they can expect from different types of purchases.”

Company Information
  • Company RE/Max Preferred Realty
  • Head Office 6505 Tecumseh Rd E Windsor, ON N8T 1E7, Canada
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