Digital Transaction Management for Real Estate Brokers

As a real estate broker, you need a complete solution for managing your transactions and a way for you and your team to stay on top of a never-ending flow of documents. Until recently, delivering the right documents to the right parties and getting them to sign everything correctly and on time have been tedious, time-consuming, and potentially error-filled processes. To solve this problem, many brokerages are moving toward digital transaction management (DTM).

DTM is a new approach to managing the documents around your transactions. Everything – from the initial listing to the final sale – is done online, which makes it much easier, faster, and more efficient than traditional methods requiring ink and paper or even older, clunky, electronic systems. With DTM, agents, clients, and staff members have all documents for any given transaction in one place. And with electronic signature, they can sign those documents from any device, anywhere.

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