How has the on-demand economy impacted real estate?

Everyone wants everything. Right now. For centuries, thinkers and philosophers have dreamed of a world where if you could think of something, you could have it—instantly. But now, that’s more than just a vision. Millions around the world simply can’t imagine any other way to live.
And thanks to smartphones, they can get it. With more than 207 million smartphones in the U.S. today, 2 out of 3 people use one. They love the fast, satisfying technology. But even more than that, they love the promise: Getting what you want, with a few touches. Today, not tomorrow.
A successful business is an accelerated business. Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Go, Uber and the entire mobile banking industry have all built their reputations on instant gratification. And now, real estate is joining the party, too—if you’re ready.
We asked 476 real estate agents how on-demand technology has changed client relationships. Results were surprising.

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