Improving property access management for real estate professionals

With the option to integrate with Showing Time©, Master Lock Vault Enterprise provides real estate professionals one convenient solution to manage the entire property showing process, from scheduling to accessing properties.

By integrating easy-to-use software, a mobile app and Master Lock’s Bluetooth enabled lock boxes, Master Lock Vault Enterprise provides a smart, simple and secure way to manage access to properties – without long-term contracts, monthly data-usage or shared-access fees.

With Master Lock Vault Enterprise, administrators at real estate firms can share access quickly and easily with showing agents and trusted partners such as contractors, inspectors and homeowners. The ability to efficiently manage many locks and many users means that only authorized users can access lock boxes. Smartphone access eliminates the security risk and hassle of manual code management.

  • Conveniently schedule temporary, permanent or future access – Administrators can assign Bluetooth credentials by time, date, user or group. Optional temporary codes ensure access can be changed or used on a limited time basis.
  • Increased security – Web interface provides access to robust data and audit trails, so firms know who accessed which property and when, increasing accountability and ensuring property security.
  • Enhanced reputation – Associations and agents benefit from improving the uniformity of listings, enhancing their businesses reputation for service and innovation, all at a lower cost.

Download this free case study to read how Master Lock’s Vault Enterprise property access management solution worked for Right At Home Realty.

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