Agents sound off on the country’s hottest market

Leading agents argue there’s nothing to worry about, despite reports to the contrary

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  • FSBO programs that really workby Craig Proctor

    It always surprises me to observe how so many agents continually embrace “doing things the way they have always been done”. It seems that once a decision has been made to follow a certain system or course of action (regardless of whether it makes sense, and regardless of whether it works), it’s much easier to just continue doing things the “same old way” than it is to re-examine the situation and re-evaluate the decision

  • Why you shouldn’t try to sell your listings in your classified adsby Craig Proctor

    I’d like to discuss a form of advertising that many of you will think you know everything about: classified ads. While most of you run classified ads for your listings, I maintain that this type of advertising is one of the least understood but one of the BIGGEST opportunities in your business

  • How to compel prospects to contact you

    Is real estate a seasonal business? It can certainly seem that way. After all, in most markets home sales predictably peak at certain times of the year and slow down at others. This hills-and-valleys rhythm is something that many practitioners—perhaps even you—have come to accept.

  • Lies about leads…

    How to create income certainty in an uncertain business and a quality life in a business typically demanding long hours, evenings and weekends

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